Property Maintenance and Addition Services from Professional Builders in Reigate
Benefits of New Builds

D & R Carpentry Ltd is a reliable building company that regularly works on domestic and commercial projects in Reigate and the surrounding areas of Surrey and West Sussex. Our builders have an excellent knowledge of their craft, including the following key services:

If you would like to register your interest in any of these services, or anything else we do for our Surrey-based customers, call 01342 843724 or 07974 734154. Our accredited building contractors will gladly answer any questions you may have about our work.

In addition to the above-mentioned key services, D & R Carpentry Ltd provides full project management, bathroom installations and all other relevant services for new build properties in the Reigate area. These types of projects may be intimidating to some, with so many aspects to consider to make it a success. But with our expert builders in your corner, with their in-depth understanding of new builds and related services, such as property extensions, loft conversions and property maintenance work, you’re in safe hands.

Here, we would like to share some common benefits associated with new build homes.

State of the Art Construction

It almost goes without saying, but the biggest benefit of a new build project is that you’re building a house from the ground up using the latest advancements in the construction industry.

Like all aspects of society, the best practices and technology used in construction are continually evolving and improving. When you invest in a new build home, you will get a finished property that’s been built to the current highest standards of construction. Not only will your property look sleek and modern, but it will also be extremely energy efficient and durable, built to last many years into the future.

High Property Value

Another fact you won’t be surprised about is that, because it’s desirable to live in a new build home, these types of properties have a high value on the housing market. This means that, should you wish to sell your new home in a few years time, you will likely receive a good price from the sale. 

A Home Tailored to You

Lastly, one of the most attractive reasons for any new build project is the bespoke nature of the service. When you work with our builders on a new build home in the Reigate area, you can create a house that’s entirely designed to your pleasing. If you already have your own house in the area and would like to make a few alterations here or there, sure, you can choose to invest in a property extension, loft conversion, bathroom installation or any form of property maintenance. These projects can make you feel more at home in your property, but there will always be elements of the original design or previous home improvements that may not be to your liking. With a new build home, you can design your property from the ground up, brick by brick. Every detail accounted for. In our experience, this gives our customers in Surrey and nearby West Sussex ultimate satisfaction with their homes, which is why we recommend a new build home to anyone who has the budget for one.

For advice on new builds, property maintenance and general services in the Reigate area, call our builders on 01342 843724 or 07974 734154.