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Loft Conversions in Dorking | Conversion and Extension Specialists

D & R Carpentry Ltd constructs loft conversions for customers in nearby Dorking. Located in Horley, we turn underused attic space into something more functional by designing new bedrooms, home offices and even bathroom installations. Some loft conversions, and the mansard style in particular, require planning permission in much the same way as property extensions. Our builders and tradesmen comply with UK building regulations at all times.


We also build loft conversions in dormer and hip-to-gable designs.


Should you have any property maintenance requirements for your Dorking home, our builders can deal with those too. We support our building and construction work with a full range of refurbishment, renovation, retrofitting and installation services.


Dormer Conversions


Dormer loft conversions are popular for bedrooms and for bathroom installations. These builds extend outwards with a flat or hipped roof to add more headroom and floor space. Our builders usually construct dormer lofts to the rear of Dorking properties. Finished dormer loft conversions measure the full width of the property or we can position them at the front or the side of your home, but these builds usually require planning permission.


We perform all related property maintenance work for the rest of the loft, including the addition of insulated plasterboard and the integration of an electrical, heating and hot water supply. These are services that our builders also provide for property extensions in Dorking.


Hip-to-Gable Conversions


A hipped roof has a traditional pitched shape with sloped sides. Our hip-to-gable loft conversions resemble the dormer style, which extends outwards from the existing roof. Builders complete hip-to-gable conversions by adding a new hipped aesthetic that blends in with the current roof of your Dorking property. To finish the job, our property maintenance team insulates and damp-proofs the loft space to make it habitable.

While our builders do physically extend the roof on this style, conversions are different to property extensions. The former optimises underused space that already exists inside the home whereas the latter optimises the unused space around it.


Mansard Conversions


Mansard loft conversions span the full length of the property. Our builders perform extensive work to alter the original pitched shape into a 72° angle roof. The extra floor space makes these types of conversions ideal for use as master bedrooms or for large-scale bathroom installations. Permissions from the local authority for Dorking need obtaining before our builders can construct mansard loft conversions, just like with property extensions.


The extensive nature of this type of building project isn’t as disruptive as some homeowners fear because most of the construction and property maintenance happens from the outside of the roof, working inwards. This means we only have to enter your property occasionally.


Planning Permission


We recommend applying for planning permission as early as possible. Upon finalising design work for loft conversions, property extensions and bathroom installations, D & R Carpentry Ltd helps Dorking customers with the submission process. Because this can take up to 8 weeks, our help with the application often results in gaining the relevant approvals sooner.


You will need planning permission for loft conversions if the build meets any of the criteria below:


  • If loft conversions for terraced houses exceed 40 cubic metres, or if they exceed 50 cubic metres in total for detached and semi-detached homes.
  • If the height of the conversion exceeds the apex of the roof
  • If loft conversions (or property extensions) extend further than the roof plane
  • If builders can’t use materials to match the exterior of a Dorking property
  • If construction includes balconies, verandas or raised platforms
  • If unobscured new windows to the side of the property compromise privacy
  • If window openings measure less than 1.7m above the floor
  • If dormer and hip-to-gable loft conversions sit less than 20cm from the existing eaves
  • If the property is a listed one, located on a British Heritage site or is in a conservation area

For more advice on loft conversions for Dorking, Surrey or West Sussex properties, call our builders on 01342 843724 or 07974 734154.