Builders in Horley
The Complete Service and Benefit Package for Builds, Conversions and Property Extensions

The builders at D & R Carpentry Ltd work out of Horley and already have a loyal customer base in the surrounding areas. Newcomers to our business sometimes think of us as a company that primarily works on new builds, but this is far from true. While we are happy to work alongside developers and main contractors on commercial projects, a sizeable volume of our customers comes from the domestic sector.

This means we always provide quotations for smaller builds, such as loft conversions and property extensions. We can even help Horley homeowners with bathroom installations and their property maintenance needs.

We build everything that we do as a company around customer benefits. This blog post highlights those benefits and explains what they bring to your home. From refurbishments to renovations and more, please read the testimonials of our previous customers to see what they have to say about our builders and tradesmen.

Property Extensions

House moves cost serious money that most homeowners won’t recoup no matter how long they live in a new place. Property extensions tackle the issues caused by limited space. Our builders can perform kitchen and bathroom installations to change the way you use an extension. Alternatively, you can choose D & R Carpentry Ltd to build single or double-storey property extensions in Horley for a purpose, such as adding a new bedroom or an office to a home.

Property extensions make a home more habitable, eliminate moving costs and provide a return on investment to finance a bigger move in the future. Extensions and loft conversions provide a better return on investment than almost any other type of build.

Because our builders also cover Horley with property maintenance services, we can manage the upkeep of an existing extension or remodel one currently used as practical space, such as a kitchen, and turn it into living space.

Loft Conversions

Transforming attic space with one of our loft conversions is another way for Horley homeowners to eliminate the cost of a house move or to turn storage space with a poor layout into something more functional. Growing families can use conversions for bathroom installations to make the morning rush a little easier, or as extra bedrooms to provide private space for the children as they reach their teenage years.

Our builders make access easy with the addition of staircases from the landing and keep loft conversions fit for habitation by using partitioning systems with insulation. The addition of an extra room with a conversion is also great for families who like living in Horley because it is such a respectable school catchment area and who would prefer not to leave it.

Homeowners who already have loft conversions can use us for property maintenance to keep them in good condition. They may wish to upgrade them with one of our bathroom installations, perfect for those who want a new bedroom with a handy en suite.

Bathroom Installations

The builders at D & R Carpentry Ltd can perform bathroom installations on a standalone basis for existing rooms in any Horley home. Because we bring a full complement of trades to every project, our customers never have to waste time hiring in different contractors independently at added cost to the job. We can also integrate bathroom installations into existing loft conversions or property extensions.

And, because we support our building and construction work with a complete property maintenance service, homeowners in Horley can use us to update their old bathroom installations if they have a design concept they’d like to try.

Some examples of these projects include:

  • Bathroom Refurbishments

  • Bathroom Renovations

  • Bathroom Remodels

  • Bathroom Repairs

For a free quotation on property extensions and other services from our professional builders covering Horley, Surrey and West Sussex, call D & R Carpentry Ltd on 01342 843724 or 07974 734154.